Reliable Equipment

Reliable Equipment

MDG LLC and Reliable Equipment.,…partners in success.

Reliable Equipment’s long and rich history with MDG goes back to Reliable’s initial founding by Norm DeLan Sr., in the early 1970s. Norm Sr. was looking for a CPA firm in the Philadelphia area that matched his own high standards for quality service, reliability and reputation. So strongly did Norm Sr. believe in these qualities, that he named his own firm “Reliable Equipment” to reflect exactly what he would provide to customers.

The account was originally serviced by Morris Gocial, a founding partner of MDG, and when Norm DeLan Jr. took over the reins, the account transitioned to a new, young, enterprising accountant at MDG by the name of Bruce Dudzic. Bruce served as an advisor and consultant, assisting with acquisitions, financing, and tax strategies. He serviced Reliable during its first major expansion when it added over 20 new products to its line, an expansion that positioned Reliable as a major player in the tooling and equipment marketplace.

So beneficial was this young accountant, that Reliable Equipment presented him with a “Distinguished Service Award” – an award given only to those who have been instrumental to Reliable’s success. Bruce is one of the few, if not the only, non-employee to ever receive this award. “It’s all part of what we do at MDG,” Bruce says modestly, and of course, that is all true.

The Reliable Equipment, MDG partnership has produced great results, with Reliable growing into one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic tools and utility products in the United States. The company offers a line of more than 100 American made products that include hydraulic crimpers, cutters, spearing tools, valves, intensifiers, portable power units, capstans, chain saws, impact wrenches, ground rod and sign post drivers for use in all phases of D.O.T, Power Utility, and Line Construction. They also carry a line of manual tools and accessories including lineman’s wrenches, ratcheting cable cutters, compression tools, dies, socket sets, hydraulic hose sets, grounding and jumper assemblies. In addition, Reliable’s growth has enabled the company to form alliances with hundreds of the industries leading manufacturers, offering one of the most comprehensive tool inventories, authorized maintenance, and knowledgeable field reps for all tooling needs.

Learn more at Reliable Equipment, 301 Ivyland Road, Warminster, PA 18974

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MDG is more than an accounting firm. Its knowledge and experience can make the difference between a company moving forward, or standing still.”

Norman L. DeLan Jr, President, Reliable Equipment.


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