Danielle Dudzic

Even as a child, Danielle never got enough sleep….there was just so much to do. Studying, preparing for exams, cleaning her room, homework, sports, chores at home. Sleep always came second to work. Even with lack of sleep, however, Danielle knew she wanted to become an accountant, and worked hard to achieve it. Danielle took all the elective accounting classes offered at her high school (wildly unpopular choices amongst peers even then) and today, Danielle has achieved her goal. (PS Danielle continues to put work over sleep and especially so during tax season.)

DANIELLE DUDZIC is one of MDGs newer staff accountants, but has been involved at MDG for several years. Danielle interned at MDG and began “officially” working for the firm immediately upon her graduation. As an MDG staff accountant, Danielle enjoys interacting with business owners and individuals, learning their business goals and drives, and helping them achieve their success through smart accounting and business management.

Danielle is currently pursuing her license as a CPA, balancing studying with long runs to reduce the stress. She lives in New Hope, PA and is an alumnus of Temple University.