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lottery winners mistakesMistakes to avoid when you hit the big jackpot
It’s everyone’s dream to win big…and when the winnings are really big, chances are that you will be changed forever by the experience. That experience, however, can be good, or bad. We’ve all heard the stories of big winners who have lost their fortunes, overspent, even gone bankrupt after winning a fortune. To learn more about the common mistakes people make when they win a windfall…and how to avoid them, click here to be adequately prepared when a jackpot falls into your lap.

Embrace an exciting retirementEmbrace an exciting retirement…myths that prevent you from enjoying the possibilities
Let go of your fear of retirement and enter a world filled with fun, excitement and ongoing enjoyment. No, this is not a fantasy or a fairy tale. It can happen if you let go of your fear that you will lose your identity when you stop working. When you realistically look at retirement as exciting and enjoyable, there’s room for many new possibilities. To learn more about what you can achieve in your retirement years, click here.

CPAs on-the-job happinessIncreasing CPAs, on-the-job happiness
The trend today is to keep employees, co-workers and associates happy on the job. A contented workforce force tends to remain with the firm longer, adding stability and effectiveness to the workforce. How and what makes employees happy? To learn more on how this happiness is being reached, click here.

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