D. L. Miner Property Management

Property Managers for prestigious seaside homes

Stewart D. L. Miner Property Management Company is one of the most respected property management firms in southern New Jersey. Though the firm is relatively new, its affiliation with D.L. Miner Construction, gives it a real edge in managing and caring for prestigious, luxury, seaside homes throughout southern New Jersey.

Brian Stuart, owner of the firm, is also a Managing Partner in D. L. Miner Construction, builders of luxury homes in south Jersey. Brian saw a real need to help homeowners care and maintain their homes after they were built. “It seemed a natural progression,” says Brian.

“Many of our clients want to spend quality time at the shore, not spend their time caring and maintaining a property. “That’s where we  become involved” says Brian. “We offer the homeowner the option of having us manage all the details of maintaining a luxury home.   When people build a prestigious home, they want to enjoy it, and having it cared for by professionals gives them the freedom to enjoy their home without worry. D. L. Miner Property Management offers prestigious homeowners the assurance their home will be maintained and enjoyed for years to come.

Brian Stuart is a 1996 Graduate of the University of Delaware and he has gained hands-on experience working in multiple building areas – roofing, siding painting and plumbing. His hands-on approach has helped his clients maintain the quality, character and integrity of their homes. “We often see an expensive home that has been cheaply patched along the way with inferior or incorrect materials and the owner isn’t even aware of the problems that can develop over time or with resale. With D.L. Miner Property Management, homeowners maintain the quality they know and appreciate, and they have the convenience of a professional and proven property manager who believes in quality and is committed to the client.” Brian adds.

When Brian started the company, he needed business and tax advice. His financial advisor recom-mended MDG and Morris Gocial. They scheduled a meeting, and when Brian met Morris, he said it was like meeting himself. Brian was always committed to integrity, innovation, quality and service, and it seemed Morris felt the same. Says Brian, “It’s comfortable working with Morris Gocial and MDG. Morris is always responsive, available and quickly returns calls. The D.L. Miner Property Management relationship with MDG reflects the trust, quality and partnership I was seeking and which has meant so much to me. I highly recommend MDG to any business that wants a real partner in creating its success and is proactive in offering business, financial and tax advice.”

e-mail: dlminerpropertymanagement@yahoo.com phone: 609-770-3559

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