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Caddy Corporation has a long and rich history with MDG. The business was originally founded by Henry Rothschild as Universal Equipment and renamed Caddy Corporation in 1948 when the company began manufacturing items for the food service industry – caddies, carts, dishes and trays. Howard Cohen served as president of Caddy for 29 years, and purchased the organization in 1977. In 2000, Craig Cohen, working with his father, phoned Bruce Dudzic, a partner of MDG, based on a referral from his brother, Richard, whereby Craig, Howard and Bruce had a notable meeting at a well-known restaurant in NJ. Craig Cohen, assumed leadership of Caddy when his father retired in 2002. A long-standing relationship then developed between Craig Cohen and Bruce Dudzic.

Caddy evolved from a small custom stainless steel fabricator to one of the leading manufacturers of quality food service equipment and high-end commercial cooking ventilation systems. During their growth, Bruce Dudzic served as an advisor and consultant to Craig Cohen, who was a former state law enforcement officer with no formal business training. Craig looked to Bruce for advice and direction as he made difficult business decisions and paved the way for the company’s future growth. Craig gained Bruce’s admiration as Bruce watched Craig develop into a knowledgeable, experienced businessman and CEO of the corporation.

Bruce and Craig’s professional relationship developed into a long-standing friendship through their similar personalities and the love of playing basketball – Craig played in college, and Bruce was “street schooled.” Both had a chance to show off their skill in a match they played on a public court in South Jersey. Interestingly, the outcome varies depending on which player you ask.

Today, the MDG/Caddy partnership continues as Caddy today offers a full line of products for food service delivery, storage and return, including tray conveyers, hot food tables, mobile dish and tray dispensers, storage and tray delivery carts and insulated dinnerware. Caddy has built a reputation for high quality products and outstanding customer support… so similar to MDG’s reputation!

It’s so rare to find a CPA firm that is not only skilled in all areas of accounting, but one that also serves as an involved and caring partner in the business and its success. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without the help, education and professional advice of Bruce Dudzic and MDG. This firm takes partnership to a whole new level of success. Craig Cohen, CEO, Caddy Corporation.

Learn more at Caddy Corporation, 509 Sharptown Road, Bridgeport, NJ 08014-0345   Phone: 856-467-4222 • Fax: 856-467-5511

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